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Books that you think is awesome but not really anyone know it

Have you ever experienced trying to explain one of your favourite books to other people and they ar just like “what. The heck are you talking about?” Pure frustration, that is what I feel like when someone does that. But you can’t really blame them for that, too many good books are buried under fast-food fictions and all people read is them. On the other side, less and less teenagers have decided to have an hour of mindful reading time everyday , but live on fast foods, (video clips and video games. ) I have this habit of using food to talk about books. For example, there are pretty heavy bouquets like the Lord of the rings and the Game of Thrones where the author (or the chef) serves heavily loaded plates in a fast pace,and there are also times where you just bumped into a cafe and have a delicious afternoon tea, an unexpected treat of a book that hardly any friend of yours know.

For me, some of the best “afternoon teas” that I had was with the Obernewtyn series by Isabell Carmody, my teacher recommended it to me and it was quite a nice and interesting read that I greatly enjoyed and surprisingly, not really everyone knows it in my school, isn’t it suppose to be her pet project?

Comment underneath on what is your “afternoon delight”, maybe you can find people with same preference of food!